About TrackingAction

TrackingAction is a planning, tracking & feedback tool developed for businesses to use internally to promote increased communication and accountability throughout the organization. The tool has been in development since 2006 when co-founders Ted Capistrant and Andy Wondra began to conduct research for an online tool that would allow users to login, share plans, share plan data and provide feedback from superiors through performance appraisals. In lieu of finding a tool online, Ted and Andy created their own tools using Microsoft Applications (MS Word & MS Excel). They would then work with companies to install those systems through shared internal servers, virtual servers such as SharePoint & Citrix, and online file share mediums such as DropBox. Since 2005, Ted and Andy have been using this type of system with their clientele through Profit Builder Network, LLC, a management consulting business entity. This entity remains in successful operation today and provides in-depth consultative services in strategic planning, transition planning, and succession planning as well as a myriad of other professional trusted advisor type services.

TrackingAction brings you decades of experience creating hundreds of one page business plan summaries and accompanying those plans with ongoing tracking and appraisal tools at master, department and individual levels. Through partnership with Irish Titan and exhaustive design and development including significant customer input, we are proud to bring to you an online tool that will do the following:

  1. Simplify your planning process,
  2. Communicate results through tracking, and
  3. Facilitate feedback through comments and appraisals

Plan, Track, Feedback… a performance feedback loop!"